4 April 2019




A warm welcome, to all those who are worshiping in our church this Sunday. Please note that after the Family Service, every Sunday morning, you are invited for refreshments in the hall. If you would like some information about the church and our activities, please see one of our staff.


Worship Services


8:00am Afrikaans Outreach Service: Rev. Johann Eloff

7 April 2019 – Rev. Johann Eloff

Tema: “Tragiese Gebed”

Skriflesing: Markus 5:1-20

Teksvers: Markus 5:17 en 19


9:30am Family Service: Jesse Gollan / Rev. Johann Eloff

7 April 2019 – Jesse Gollan

Theme: “A Suffering Christ, Suffering Disciples, and Lasting Treasure”

Scripture Reading: Luke 9:18-26

Call to Worship: Psalm 33:1-9 and 33:18-22; Rules for Living: John 15:9-17; Assurance of Pardon: Romans 8:35-39




4 April – Jack van der Westhuizen

7 April – Cornel Olivier

11 April – Anae de Beer

10 April – Pieter Grobler

10 April – Hildeleen Jordaan

13 April – Leslie Rudman

15 April – Chrizelle Blignaut

18 April – Peter Clark (Jnr)

21 April – Prieur du Plessis

23 April – Emjee Dercksen

26 April – Marike de Waard

27 April – Peter Clark (Snr)

28 April – JJ Pretorius

2 May – Ianthe van der Walt


Upcoming Events!


2019 promises to be an exciting year at MCRC! Diarise the following dates in order to be part of the congregation and share in our fellowship. More information regarding each event will be published in the weeks leading up to the event.

Click here for the 2019 MCRC Calendar


4 April – Church Admin Office Closes (12:30pm)

5 April – Bible Story Telling Seminar (5pm)

6 April – Bible Story Telling Seminar

12 April – Bible Story Telling Seminar (5pm)

13 April – Bible Story Telling Seminar

19 April – Easter Friday Service and Lord’s Supper (9:30am)

21 April – Easter Sunday Service (9:30am)

23 April – Church Admin Office Re-opens (9am)


17 May – Trivity 2019 (7pm)

25 May – Working Bee (8am-1pm)

30 May – Ascension Day Service (7pm)




1) Church Office closed during the Easter Holidays


Our Church Office will be closed from Thursday, 4 April and will re-open on Tuesday, 23 April.

Rev. Gerhard (Obee) Oberholzer will also be on leave from 7 to 22 April.

Should you require urgent assistance during this time, please contact the Leader of Session, Barto du Plessis, on 0434 474 846 or barto@bartolaw.com.au.


2) Pigeon holes


After prayerful consideration, Session has decided to no longer use the pigeon holes and to remove the names. If you however wish to still use your pigeon hole, please notify the office before Thursday 4 April 2019 by sending an email to admin@mansfield-crc.com, or by phoning 07 3733 1579 between 9am and 12:30pm, Mon to Thu.


3) Gerhard Oberholzer


At the last Session meeting, Rev. Gerhard Oberholzer tendered his resignation as full time minister of our Congregation, and Session accepted his resignation with sadness.

On Sunday 24 March 2019, Rev. Oberholzer read out the contents of his letter (see below) to both the Afrikaans Outreach Service and the Family Service. Session is aware of the fact that this was not an easy decision for Gerhard and his family, and ask that we as members of the congregation respect not only the resignation, but the privacy of Gerhard’s health and his family during this difficult time. Gerhard will be the Pastor of our Congregation until his leave starts on 29 April 2019. Session will now start with the process of calling a new Minister, and I ask that you not only keep Gerhard and his family in your prayers, but also the important task that Session has ahead. Our morning services will continue uninterrupted as before: Afrikaans Outreach Service at 8am every Sunday (except long weekends), and Family Service at 9.30am every Sunday.


18 March 2019


Dear Members of Session,


After much prayer and deliberation I have decided to resign as full time minister of MCRC to be effective on the 1st of June 2019, due to medical reasons. I believe this decision is in the best interest of the congregation as I am no longer able to fulfil my duties, whilst having to focus on my health.


I had a health scare which saw me end up in hospital in January 2017, just after my mother passed away. The lead up to this point comes from the food poisoning I had in Myanmar and the health issues associated with that. However, other related and more serious issues have also surfaced in recent months, which I would prefer to deal with in private and not publicly. Furthermore, I am also chronically fatigued and I am finding it hard to meet my daily responsibilities. Following advice from my doctor, I have decided it is not only in the best interest of the congregation, but also in the best interest of my family and my health to take a Sabbatical at this point, after 30 years in ministry. This means that my farewell sermon will be on the 28th of April 2019 as per our preaching roster. 


I want to thank Mansfield CRC for the spiritual home we have found here for the past 12 years and I pray God’s richest blessing on you all. Zech.4:6 “Not by might, nor by power, will you succeed, but by my Spirit, says the Lord, God, Almighty!”


May God bless you and keep you.


Soli Deo Gloria,

Rev. Gerhard (Obee) Oberholzer


Biblical Feast – Lost and Found


There are still some items left from the Biblical Feast. The items include a vase and stainless steel cutlery. Some of the cutlery are labelled with brand names: Grosvenor, Red Vanilla and Stanley Rogers. If any of these items belong to you, please remove them from the kitchen in the church hall over the holidays. Any items left after the holidays will either be assimilated into the church kitchen, or donated to charity.


News from the Catering Ministry


At the moment, our church does not have a Catering Team to assist the Catering Ministry with functions that take place at church. Elize Laidlaw has kindly been serving our church as the Catering Ministry Leader, with help from Rita de Waard who will soon be moving overseas. This means that Elize will be left on her own, and will need help to continue serving our church in this capacity.


For this reason, we have looked at the current member list of our church and divided it into 4 districts. Please see the table below to see to which district your family has been allocated. For ease of reference, the lady of each household is listed. Other members of the family are of course more than welcome to also assist!


Each district will be asked to help in a different term, with District 1 starting in Term 1. We ask that you please pray about this, and offer to help when it is the turn of your district.

We are also looking for a volunteer from each district to be the district leader. If you feel called to do this, please send an email to admin@mansfield-crc.com.


When we join hands and work together, we can accomplish great things!


Kingdom Tots


Kingdom Tots is a service provided during the Family service to support parents of children aged 1-3. Children can be accompanied by parents, or if they are independent enough, they can be left in our care. We will read a Bible story, do some singing, praying and art. Followed by outside play if the weather permits. Please send a snack and water with your child for morning tea. If you want to help, or have any questions please contact: Nadia Janse van Rensburg on 0420 982 935.


Story the Bible Workshop at MCRC in April 2019


There will be a Story the Bible Workshop at Mansfield CRC during the two weekends leading up to the Easter long weekend.


Where: Mansfield Christian Reformed Church, 421 Wishart Rd, Wishart.



  • 5/4/2019 Friday evening (including Dinner)
  • 6/4/2019 Whole Saturday (including Lunch and Dinner)
  • 12/4/2019 Friday evening (including Dinner)
  • 13/4/2019 Whole Saturday (including Lunch and Dinner)
  • 22/4/2019 Monday – practical story telling at Redlands Easter Family Festival


Cost: $160 per person, or $280 for a couple sharing textbooks. People registering at least one month in advance (i.e. by 5th March) will receive a discount of $20 per person.


The cost includes 2 lunches and 4 dinners.


Register at: https://wycliffe.org.au/events/stb-mansfield-2019/


Contact Person: Francois van der Walt, 0419 623 397 or vunderbolt@gmail.com


Story the Bible background:

The Story the Bible (STB) 3 day workshop teaches 5 skills:

  • How to craft a story
  • How to revise the story so that it is Simple Accurate and Memorable (SAM)
  • How to tell the story so our mouth and actions agree
  • How to teach the story
  • How to lead a Bible Study using a Bible Story


The STB approach uses the Adult learning theory which is based on three principles

  • When adults don’t think, they don’t learn
  • When adults think, they learn
  • When adults discover a truth for themselves, they own the truth for themselves.


The STB approach provides a non-confrontational approach for sharing the Good News and provides the opportunity to hold Bible studies where participants can share the insight God has given them into the story. This does not negate Bible teaching in the formal approach by the Minister but is a great way of conducting Bible Studies at home, home/cell/small groups and at work.


If you would like more information or would like to discuss the possibilities, please contact Francois van der Walt at 0419 623 397 or vunderbolt@gmail.com.


Invitation to Prayer on Tuesday Nights (5-10pm)


“..and call on Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor Me.” Psalm 50:15 NIV


“For He has not despised or scorned the suffering of the afflicted one; He has not hidden his face from him but has listened to his cry for help.” Psalm 22:24 NIV


“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12 NIV


Some days we carry our problems and pain ourselves, and other times we are in need of support. If you want to pray with fellow Christians, the church hall will be open every Tuesday night from 5 to 10pm.

If you would like to pray with Pastor Obee during this time, please text or call to make an appointment. His mobile number is 0430 496 292.



CRCA emblem

1) Invitation to Installation Service of Rev. Craig van Echten (Inala CRC)


Dear all,


On behalf of the Inala Christian Reformed Church, the Session and congregation would like to extend an invitation to all who are able, to attend the installation service of Rev. Craig van Echten, at the Inala CRC, 44 Poinsettia Street, Inala, on Sunday 28th April, 2019, D.V., to be followed by afternoon tea. Whilst Session is aware that this is a Sunday, the time of the service will be 3.30 p.m., and we would love to have you celebrate this special occasion with us, as part of our wider Church family.


We, the Inala congregation, are truly blessed, and give God thanks for His provision of a pastor to minister among us after some 6 years of being a vacant church, and look forward to the arrival of Craig and Annette, and their 3 children, with anticipation and thankfulness.


2) CRCA Women’s Convention 2020


The 2020 Women’s Convention Planning Committee are very excited to let ladies of all ages know that we have the Registration Forms for the 2020 CRCA Women’s Convention ready. The convention will be held in Queensland from Friday, 29 May, to Monday, 1 June, in 2020. Registration information can be found on the Tivoli CRCA website (tivolicrc.org.au). Registration Forms and Medical Information Forms can be completed electronically and emailed, or printed and mailed. There is also a promotional video on the website.

Please contact Wendy Vowles on 07 3294 6889 or 0408 073 680, or email: wendyjoyvowles@gmail.com.


3) Vacancy – Aged Care Pastoral Counsellor at Manoah Homes, Western Australia

Manoah Homes

Manoah Homes is the Aged Care organisation established by Reformed Churches in Western Australia. Please click here for the advertisement and please see below for the contact details of Gerard Goiran, the contact person for this position.


Contact Person:



PO Box 381 Gosnells WA 6990

Mob: 0433 583 430

Tel: 08 9398 5031

Email: ceo@manoah.org.au

W: www.manoah.org.au


RTC News


1) RTC Monthly – March 2019


Please click here to read the latest newsletter.


2) Training Course: Organic Outreach (12 and 13 April 2013)

RTC_Organic outreach

Organic Outreach is a two-day intensive training course in evangelism and outreach, led by Kevin Harney.


Event Details

Dates: Fri 12 – Sat 13 April
Time: 10am – 6pm Fri, 10am – 4pm Sat
Location: RTC Melbourne Campus; Level 3 221 Queen Street Melbourne.
Cost: $155 (individual), $140 pp (group of 3 or more)


For more information, please click here. Registration closes on Friday, 5 April 2019.


G.O.S.P.E.L. Prayer points for April


Prayer points for April


  1. The Hindu castes system is an abhorrent reality in India. The people who live in villages are not all the same caste. Different castes live side by side. The higher the caste, the more resistant they often are to hearing the Word of God. Just recently there was a breakthrough among the Patel caste. Our evangelist Makala shared the Gospel with some Patel folk. Now 8 of them are keen to hear the word of God. Please pray that God will open their mind and hearts to understand the truth of Gospel and to put their trust in Jesus alone and not their caste.


  1. GOSPEL evangelists from two clusters were able to baptize 47 new believers in March. Another 90 young believers started attending worship and prayer groups during the same month.


  1. New field surveys have been carried out in two districts of Jalgaon and Dhule as we are hoping to continue to extend outreach in new places where “Christ is not known…” Pray that God would guide these surveys and provide the resources for extending his Kingdom there too.


  1. Holiday Bible activities (VBS) will be organised during last week of April and first week of May. These are great opportunities to teach the Gospel to children. Pray for the teachers to use their talents to grow the next generation.


  1. The Annual Field Report 2018 is being distributed this month. If you didn’t get your copy, please read it on line. https://gospel.net.au/resources/. Please pray that many Bhil tribals would come to Christ.


Good News Counselling


Good News Counselling is:

  • An evangelism-oriented outreach ministry, aimed at families and family members suffering from extreme distress.
  • An extension of the Care Ministry of MCRC.
  • Provides a professional counselling service for both couples and individuals.


Contact us for an appointment:

Website – www.goodnewscounselling.com

Email – goodnewscounselling@gmail.com

Phone – 0405 364 361


Please note: The Care Ministry of MCRC sponsors the counselling fees of church and community members who cannot afford the fees.


Booking of the Manse for Functions


MCRC members are kindly reminded that the Manse must be booked before use for private or church functions. This is to avoid inconvenience caused by double booking of the facilities. Members are also reminded to clean up after themselves and to return all items that were used. During the week, the Manse is used as an office and a professional environment must therefore be maintained at all times. To make a booking and/or collect keys to use the facilities, please email admin@mansfield-crc.com or phone 3733 1579 (Mon to Thurs 9am-12:30pm).


Survival Kit for New Families


Our church has a container with glasses, cups, cutlery, plates, etc. to be used by anyone or any family in need (waiting on their own, or in between homes or who has moved interstate/immigrated) to use these items for as long as necessary. Please email admin@mansfield-crc.com or phone 3733 1579 (Mon to Thurs 9am-12:30pm) for more information.


Conference Room @ 421 Wishart Rd FOR RENT!


From training sessions, meetings, seminars, board meetings and workshops, our conference room, which can seat up to 19 people, is available for you to rent at a low hourly rate of $25! Key and cleaning deposit of $75 payable when making your booking.
To book please email admin@mansfield-crc.com or phone 3733 1579 (Mon to Thurs, 9am-12:30pm).


Tithing & Donations


Members and visitors are welcome to make their regular or special tithings via Direct Bank Deposit into the following bank account:

• Mansfield Christian Reformed Church
• Community Sector Banking (Division of Bendigo Bank)
• BSB: 633-000
• Account Number: 136614401


Privileged to Serve


Thank you for being willing to serve our congregation, by fulfilling one of the tasks mentioned on our Duty Roster! May our Lord bless you in this process with His gracious presence.


April 2019

7 April Family Service (9.30am) Afrikaans Outreach Service (8am)
Leader of Service Jesse Gollan Rev. Johann Eloff
Elder Eugene Strydom Derek van Renen
Deacon Rhona Muller JJ Pretorius
Reader Joy Moolman  
Door Greeter H&F Venter  
Coffee Duty L&H Coetzee / J&L Davel Marieta Pretorius
Praise & Worship, Sound, Visuals Team 1 K Folscher, S van Renen, D van Renen
14 April Family Service (9.30am) Afrikaans Outreach Service (8am)
Leader of Service Rev. Johann Eloff Rev. Johann Eloff
Elder Henning Boshoff Barto du Plessis
Deacon Coen Folscher Francois Oosthuizen
Reader Keith Moerman  
Door Greeter J&R de Beer  
Coffee Duty R&R de Beer / B&L de Jager Hanlie Oosthuizen
Praise & Worship, Sound, Visuals Team 2 H&J van Wyk
19 April

(Easter Friday)


Family Service (9.30am) Afrikaans Outreach Service (8am)
Leader of Service Rev. Johann Eloff No Afrikaans Service
21 April

(Easter Sunday)


Family Service (9.30am) Afrikaans Outreach Service (8am)
Leader of Service Rev. Johann Eloff No Afrikaans Service
Elder Barto du Plessis  
Deacon Braam Stander  
Reader Phil van der Kley  
Door Greeter G&M Labuschagne  
Coffee Duty C&C de Waard / M de Waard  
Praise & Worship, Sound, Visuals Team 3  
28 April Family Service (9.30am) Afrikaans Outreach Service (8am)
Leader of Service Rev. Gerhard Oberholzer Rev. Gerhard Oberholzer
Elder Barto du Plessis Henning Boshoff
Deacon Gerrie Labuschagne Johan Steyn
Reader Gerrie Labuschagne  
Door Greeter K&M Moerman  
Coffee Duty P&R de Waard / B&E du Plessis Yolande Steyn
Praise & Worship, Sound, Visuals Team 4 H&J van Wyk


* Archived Bulletins


Click here to read previously published bulletins.