Leah Anne Peacock’s Testimony

My Mum and Dad were young to wed,

but did so all the same.

Then I was born, my sister too,

and then began the strain.


My Mum and Dad were not in love,

and parted when I was four.

My Dad was gone, my family broken,

with the closing of the door.


At junior school, I learned about

the changes of a man.

From ape to human, this evolution

was hard to understand.


Because at Sunday school,

I learned about God and His great deeds.

Of Jesus Christ and all the Saints,

and how He likes to please.


But then at home, my Grandad, Mum and Gran

would talk to those not there.

With this in mind and evolution –

I was in despair.


Confused and lost I went to high school,

where R.E was a subject.

Kicked out of class for many questions,

I soon became the reject.


My mind began to fill with fear,

uncertainty and rage.

Yet somehow deep inside I knew

I needed to turn a new page.


Then I met a friend so dear,

Who knew the light above.

She told me all about our Lord,

Of His mercy and His love.


I still had many questions,

doubt and lots of fear.

But somehow, someway I knew,

The Lord was really near.


I’ve been blessed with a wonderful man,

and children whom I love.

And I know through Jesus Christ,

that this came from above.


I’ve been blessed with a wonderful Pastor,

Who’s taught me not just to see,

But to believe that “In Jesus Christ”

I too have been set free.


I’ve finally found the Lord our God

after searching for so long.

And it’s great to actually realise,

He’s been there all along.