Wilfred Mak’s Testimony

Many people ask me, how did you choose Christ? Reality is, I didn’t. Rather, God chose me. The best way to describe how I became a Christian is to compare it to a skill tester. Me the stuffed toy amongst other toys and God out of nowhere grabbing me and setting me free.


I was invited to join a cell group one day. Growing up in a Christian school, I had heard of God before but it would go in one ear, out the other. At the time of joining the cell group, I had just quit going to a youth group after spending a year with that group. The cell group, I was told, was a place to just chill out with other young people. To me, the people in the cell group were different to any other “Christians” I had ever met. They didn’t just talk God (like most other “Christians”), they lived it, they were actually serious about it. Never was I directly evangelised to, it was all done through words and actions.


After a while, and in a striking moment similar to when God called Saul, I was called to make a decision one morning at about 10:30am as I was driving along Mt Gravatt-Capalaba road. It bugged me the rest of the day and that night I told KJ how I was feeling. He invited me to come over where he explained why I was going through what I was going through, and shared with me the gospel through a story about a girl and her father (a modern day version of the prodigal son). It was there and then that I responded to God’s calling. I accepted being chosen.